Tuesday, February 23, 2010

author versus writer

Hey, my new blog is up...thanks to my wonderful friend, Karlene!

Since I have recently entered the world of published authors I have been told I need a blog just for my professional writing. I can promote my books, book signings, and other information to my friends.

I have to smile. Years ago, friend and published author, Catherine Farnes, said she wanted to become published so she could officially call herself an author. (Until she published her first book she always called herself a writer.)

Does this mean I am an official author now? If so, my kids still haven't responded yet. They just call me Mom and the only time they want my signature is when I have to sign something they've brought home from school.

Anyhow, Catherine and Karlene, here is the first chapter of my book, Tombs of Terror. You both saw this manuscript grow from a few hundred words to a few hundred pages. You gave suggestions and encouragement and I truly appreciate that. Thank you! And, even though you are both official authors, I appreciate being able to call you friends.

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