Monday, March 1, 2010

The books are selling!

I've been told by book lovers and store managers that they are having a difficult time getting my books. When I talked to the publisher that is because the first wave of ordered books sold out much faster than they expected and they are having to reorder books.

I think that is wonderful because I know I don't have that many personal friends! That means total strangers are buying my book! Hurray! Thank you.

So, if you've ordered a copy, through a store or online, and it hasn't arrived yet, feel confident that you ordered a book other people also want. And know, too, that your copy will be arriving shortly.



  1. Yea, but your friends can't get any. Is it a blessing to sacrifice if you feel resentful inside for doing it. I WANT MY BOOK! Just joking. I am waiting . . . patiently . . . sorta.