Friday, March 19, 2010

If you like my book please tell the world!

As I shared with you recently, I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on my book. People have contacted me personally, e-mailed or sent messages via friends and family. Yet no one is posting any reviews or comments on the Web. That's the nice thing about our electronic age. If you like something you can tell the world!

Maybe you don’t know you can post your comments on the Web. Maybe you don’t know where to go to post a review or how, so I thought I would help. Here are three places where you can go to post a comment or review of my book, Tombs of Terror. Each honest, positive review will encourage others to read my book.

Deseret Book. Just click on this link: Tombs of Terror Review. To the right side of the photo of my book, click on the words “Write a Review” You may need to take a moment to create an account with them, if you don’t already have one, but then you can post any glowing praise for my book.

LDS Fiction. Simply click on this link: Tombs of Terror Comments. Scroll down below the photo of my book until you come to “Post a comment.” Click on that and away you go!

Goodreads. Click on this link: Tombs of Terror Review. Just below my book you should see “My review.” Look to the right and click on “Add.” This one you get to rate me with lots (hopefully 5) little stars!

Yes, it takes a few minutes to post a review but I would truly appreciate the effort. (The book took longer than that to write!) Also, please remember the more positive reviews that are out there, the more strangers will become interested in my book and word will spread. But I need your help to start the comments going.

Also, if you think my book is an example of good, uplifting fiction for teens, don’t forget to nominate it for The Whitney Awards. Each nomination is one vote. Just click here The Whitney Awards Nominations.

Thanks so much!

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