Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Read what "The Literate Mother" says about my book.

I just found out today that my book was rated by The Literate Mother. This is a great site for straight-forward reviews of books. They rate the material on a scale of 0-5 with 5 being the worst and most objectionable. They rate language, violence, sexual content and adult themes.

The person who reviewed my book gave me a nice, low total rating: language - 0, sexual content - 0, and adult themes - 1. She did give me a "2" rating for violence, still low but higher than I expected. The "2" actually surprised me. Then, as I read the ratings explanation I kinda cringed. Gees...when you list it all in one paragraph it sounds like a "2".

At the end of the ratings explanation, the reviewer did say her 13-year old was lined up to read it next, so that is very good. After reading it herself, she is letting her own child read it--and that was my entire goal. I wanted to write books that parents could read and then be able to hand to their children to read.

Here is the review link if you want to read it and if you want to post your own comment.

The Literate Mother reviews Tombs of Terror

While there, check out their reviews on other books. The site offers a wealth of direction for parents in a world with so many books and so little time.

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