Saturday, May 22, 2010

My book is featured in a contest

Sheralyn Pratt is announcing the release of her book City of Angels. She is having a fun contest on her blog and giving away a new prize every day. Best of all, the daily winners get to pick which prize they want!

My book, Tombs of Terror, was one of the first prizes selected by a lucky winner.

Even though my book has already been selected, there are still other books and prizes to choose from. Check out her contest and read the thrilling first chapter of her book by going to:

Sheralyn Pratt's daily contest and new book

I'm excited for her release.

Remember, my book was already selected by an early winner but you can still order Tombs of Terror through or at local bookstore.

Good luck and happy reading!


  1. Greetings! I'm an intermediate school (6th and 7th grades) librarian here in St. George, Utah. Each year we base our reading contest on a social studies theme. This year I've selected the 100th year anniversary of the rediscovering of Machu Picchu. I read Tombs of Terror, and it will fit in so well that it will be on the reading list along with the Beehive Award books. So, this winter if you get tired of snow and are in the neighborhood, you'll have fans down this way!

  2. Mrs. Fernandez, Thank you so much for your post! I've actually spent a lot of time in St. George. My hubby attended Dixie College and two of our six children were born there. It would be fun to get back down for a visit.

    I've had several teachers read the book and tell me they are so excited about it they are incorporating it into their classroom curriculum. To that end, in the coming days I will be posting a quiz and a list of discussion and essay questions on this site that can be used by teachers, librarians and home-schoolers to supplement Tombs of Terror.

    I also have a friend who is currently in Peru picking up a few trickets to give away to fans of my book. If you would like to have a contest at your school involving Tombs of Terror, let me know and we can send you a Peruvian souvenir or an autographed book to give to the winner!