Monday, May 10, 2010

A review read 'round the world.

Woo-hooo! I have garnered Andy Warhal's proverbial 15 minutes of fame! Alright, maybe its column inches and not minutes, but Sharon Haddock’s review of my book, Tombs of Terror, is in the May 9, 2010, issue of The Mormon Times.

This newspaper, filled with news about members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is sent around the world to more than 167,000 subscribers.

While my book, Tombs of Terror, does not espouse any religion, it does adhere to a high level of standards. In other words--it is a clean novel . It also shows the importance of family and the loving bonds between father and son even when they don't know exactly how to communicate. The two still love each other and the reader knows that.

So, I hope you join the growing number of readers—both adults and teens--who have read and loved the book. It is more than just about a father and a son. It is based on fact and, as Haddock writes, filled with heart-thumping, fast-paced action.

But you may have to wait. I am also hearing back from excited readers that they are actually having to wait in line for their turn to read the book! Parents are lining up to read it after hearing their children talk so much about it, and children are waiting anxiously to read it after hearing their parents talk so much about. This is one book that is being passed around the family and read by more than one person in the home. I think that is a good investment in any book!

In the meantime, click here to read Haddock's review: Sharon Haddock reviews Tombs of Terror


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