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Quiz to use with my book

For all those who have contacted me asking if there was a quiz to use with my book, here it is! This quiz has a variety of question types and at least one essay question per chapter. Mix and match any way you would like. The answer key can be e-mailed to you directly. Just contact me through yahoo at iwritzz.

1.Name three differences between Peruvian mummies and Egyptian mummies.

2. Why did the Incas mummify their loved ones?

3.True or false. Jonathon said anthropologists have “rocks on the brain”

Discussion question: Juan told Jonathon there is some truth in every legend. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Can you site some examples to support your side?

1. Name one way Severino thought drunks (borrachos) were like stray dogs.

2. True or false. The drunk is named Carlos.

3. What was the drunk telling people?

Discussion question: Most people ignored the drunk, even when he was in obvious need. Why do you think they did? Do you think that would happen in the States? Why is it hard for people to want to help a drunk? What can you learn from this event?

1. When David Bradford tells his son he loves him, Jonathon is playing a computer game. What happens with Jonathon and the game?

2. What used to cover the walls of the ancient Inca temple, Q’oricancha?

3. True or false. Q’oricancha means Temple of Light.

4. What was the name of the Spanish conqueror who led 200 men into the Sacred Valley?

5. By changing only one letter, what ‘nick-name’ did Juan give the Spanish conqueror?

6. Why did the Inca king agree to be baptized before his execution?

Discussion question. How did you feel when you learned the Spaniards burned the Inca king after his death? Do you think people should keep promises they make even after a person dies? Are there times when it is okay to break a promise? Discuss why or why not.

True or False. When Jonathon was little he liked going to the museum with his dad.

1. What was in the photo on the cover of the newspaper Juan was reading?

2. Why did Severino keep his rifle close to him?

Discussion question. On the train to Cusco, Jonathon heard several languages. Why could he understand their conversations even though he did not know the words? How does body language help you know what people are feeling. Look at someone near you right now and use their body language to ascertain how they are feeling.

1. When Jonathon stepped off the train, his senses went into action.
a. name two things he saw?
b. name one thing he heard?
c. name one thing he smelled?

2. When David Bradford recalled his walk on the Inca Trail, what had he been afraid of finding on the trail?

3. List two things Jonathon learned about the Inca Trail.

4. True or False. The Urubamba river is Quechua for Green River.

5. True or False. Machu Picchu is the highest Inca city in the Andes Mountains.

6. Why was David Bradford worried about letting Jonathon hike to Huayna Picchu?

7. What did David say the Inca’s used to carve the stones? Do you think that is possible?

Discussion. Why did Jonathon decide to walk down the Inca Trail? What did he feel he should go back and do? Have you ever had an inner feeling tell you to do or not do something? Did you follow or ignore the feeling? What happened? How do you feel now about listening to your inner feelings?

1. List three emotions Jonathon felt after he discovered he was lost.

2. What did David and Juan decide to do when they did not find Jonathon waiting at the bus?

True or False. Jonathon put his hand on a Fer-de-lance, a poisonous snake of the jungles.

Discussion. When situations are stressful, people often go through a chain of emotions. When Jonathon discovered he was lost, he went through a chain of different emotions. What were some of the emotions he felt and the order he felt them? When you have been in difficult situations, what chain of emotions have you gone through?
How can you use your understanding of this chain to help others when they are facing difficult situations?

1. In the hotel room, David Bradford talks to Juan about his son, Jonathon. What was something David said about Jonathon?

2. David Bradford also goes through his own chain of emotions when he realizes his son is missing. List three emotions he felt.

3. In the dark tunnels, Jonathon’s imagination told him many things. List two things it said.

True or False. Jonathon saw spiders on his backpack.

Discussion Question. Jonathon had conflicting thoughts running through his mind. Have you ever been in a situation where you had conflicting thoughts happen in your mind? How do you decide which thoughts to follow?

1. In the tunnels, Jonathon is using the light from his watch when his hands get caught in something. What do they get tangled in?

2. When Jonathon sees the dead spiders and the basket, what does he realize about his situation?

3.Who came to seal the cave?

Discussion Question. If you were trapped in the tunnels what would you have done differently? What would you have done the same?

1.While exploring the tunnels, Jonathon trips over something. What is it?
2.To conserve the light on his watch, what does Jonathon decide to do?
3.Jonathon feels the floor begin to tremble and thinks it is an earthquake. What is it?

1.Jonathon speak to the skeleton in the tunnels. What name does he give the skeleton?
2.What does Jonathon remember he has that can give him more light?
3.Jonathon’s mother comes to Peru to help search for him. What is her name?
4.What sound does Jonathon hear in the tunnels?
5.When Jonathon goes to investigate the sound, what does he find?

Discussion. In the tunnels, Jonathon realizes a good family does not have to be perfect. What is the difference between a good family and a perfect family? What can you do to help make your family a better family?

1. Who is Delia?
2. Describe the house Jonathon wakes up in.
3. Who does Jonathon think Severino is?

Discussion. Have you ever thought someone was dangerous? Were you wrong or right? If you think someone is dangerous what are some things you should do?

1. When Jonathon realizes Severino is not going to call his father, what does he decide to do?
2. What happens when Jonathon finds a phone?
a. it is out of order
b. he has to pay to use it and has no money
c. he is locked in the room by Severino

1. Who are the men with Severino?
2. What does Severino tell Jonathon the men are planning to do to him?
3. How does Jonathon escape?

True or False. When they are stopped on the mountain, Jonathon tells Severino about a camping trip.

Discussion. Recall an enjoyable memory with your father or mother. What made it enjoyable?

1. Who is Carlos?
2. What is something Jonathon learns about Severino?
3. When Jonathon is fearful of going back through the tunnels, what promise does Carlos make to Jonathon?
4. Does Carlos keep that promise?
5. What are in the baskets Jonathon sees with Carlos?
6. Carlos explains the markings above the tunnels. What are the markings for?

Discussion Question. Carlos teaches Jonathon an oft-used Quechua phrase: Ama Qella, Ama Suwa, Ama Llulla, Ama Hap’a. It means work hard, stay honest and true, be full of faith, and stay loyal. Discuss what those commitments mean. How do you think they could help others, even the world?

1. What was the job of an Inca runner?
2. In the book, what is the job of a tunnel runner?
3. Why must the tunnel runners keep Jonathon hidden?

True or False. Carlos once found a dead body in the tunnels

Discussion question. Jonathon has had to face a lot of his fears in the tunnels. How has he found the courage to face them? Has he become stronger because of his fears? Discuss a time you have had to do something you feared. Did facing it make you stronger?

1. What does Jonathon tell Carlos to do with the lost Inca gold?
2. What is Carlos’ response?
3. Carlos tells Jonathon about ayaq, the Quechua word for spirit or soul. The ayaq of the mummies can help the Inca descendents do what?
4. Who is Ruiz and what kind of a truck does he drive?
5. When Carlos is captured by the terrorists, what does Jonathon do to help his friend?

Discussion question. Carlos teaches Jonathon about the Inca view of wealth and welfare. He says “To take something that does not belong to you is stealing. To be given gold you have not earned is welfare. Many these days are not concerned with gaining a heritage, they only want to be given an inheritance. Yet there are many things far more important than gold. Honor is one of them.” Do you agree or disagree. What are some other things more important than gold.

1. What ruined Carlos’ sweater?
2. Carlos carries something in the pocket of his pants. What is it?
3. When Jonathon sees Carlos pouring a powder into his drink, what does Jonathon think?
4. What does Carlos tell him about the drink?

1. Jonathon is taken to the American Hospital or the American Clinic?
2. Who promises to call Jonathon’s parents?
3. Give one reason why Juan suspects Jonathon has not been lost in the jungle.
4. Juan gives Jonathon a letter. Who is it from?
5. What is in the envelope with the letter?
6. When Juan reads the letter and sees the proof he tells Jonathon it is a token of trust and friendship. Why?
7. What does Jonathon want to do next summer?

Discussion Question. What is the biggest change you think Jonathon made? Give reasons why you think that.

Additional discussion questions:

1. Juan tells Jonathon about the conquest of the Inca people. If you were a Spaniard and saw 80,000 warriors waiting for you, how would you have felt?

2. If you were an Inca warrior and never saw steel weapons, horses, or gunpowder before, how do you think you would have felt when facing those things?

3. Was Pizarro right to capture the Inca King? Why or why not?

4. When Pizarro heard rumors the Incas were going to attack again, could he have done anything different? What would you have done?

When Jonathon decides to walk down the mountain, what is his biggest mistake?

When Jonathon realizes he is lost, list two things he should have done? Have you ever been lost? What did you do? How did you feel?

If you were trapped in a cave or dark place with no way out, would you have done some of the things that Jonathon did? What would you have done the same? What would you have done differently?

What were your first feelings toward Severino? Later in the book, did your feelings for him change? What caused the change?

Carlos asked Jonathon if owning a gun made someone a terrorist. In your mind, what is the definition of a terrorist?

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