Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Walmart Debut

An editor friend, Karlene Browning, just sent me this photo of my book sitting on the shelf at her local Walmart store.

Am I excited? Yes!!!

A couple of weeks ago another woman I know called me from a distant locale to say she walked in to her local Hastings store and saw my book--cover facing out--sitting on the shelf. She immediately bought a copy and sent it to her nephew.

The fact that my book is showing up in some very large stores, with its cover facing out, is exciting to me. You see, a lot of those large stores won't pick up a new author unless the book is selling in other places. Furthermore, because of shelf space competition, most bookstores shelve books with only their spines visible. A book that is displayed with the entire cover facing the customers is more likely to sell. That much shelf space is usually reserved for select books.

So, what are you waiting for? My book is now on sale, cover out, at your local Walmart or Hastings store. Run in and pick up a copy. If you already have a copy, remember Christmas is coming. It will make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for at least one person you know.

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