Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Facebook page

Hey everyone! I have a new Facebook page dedicated to my books. Go there and find out more about Tombs of Terror, The Lost Curse, and Lair of the Serpent! Get inside information about what is fact and what is fiction.
*Learn more about my books being optioned by Hollywood!
*Preview the cover of my newest book, Lair of the Serpent.
*See photos from actual locations listed in my books.
*Read teasers and quotes from each of my books,
*Best of all--you can leave comments and ask questions, become a friend and get updates!
So, if you want to know whether the Inca Kola trick in Tombs of Terror really works or not, you can find out, just go to my Facebook page, Author T. Lynn Adams.
Hope to see you there...and here...and follow me on Twitter

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