Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lair of the Serpent: Hint Number One...

This last week I was going through an edit of my third book, Lair of the Serpent. I was able to work with a great editor at Cedar Fort, Justin Kelly. He made some wonderful observations and suggestions and I was thrilled for his input. It's always nice to have another pair of eyes and, in truth, I am glad they were male eyes! Men notice different things and react to stories differently than women do. Since my protagonists are teenage boys, his male viewpoint was very valuable to me...and to you.

In my new book, I throw Jonathon and Severino into the jungles of Cambodia where they face the most difficult physical and emotional challenges of their lives.

So why are an American and a Peruvian in Cambodia in the first place? Well, a lot of it has to do with Severino's sister...

I will be letting out hints in the coming weeks and that was your first one: they are there for Delia. Then I will give away an early, signed copy of my book to someone who has been following my hints, so be looking for them!

Lair of the Serpent is filled with action and, like Tombs of Terror and The Lost Curse, it blends truth with fiction. Once again, the places are very real, the history is accurate and the dangers are current and eye opening. Even the Cambodian legends in this book will make you wonder about what is or isn't possible.

I've had some beta readers tell me this book is the best of the three! With Justin's help this past week, the story became even better.

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