Friday, March 15, 2013

Twitter Tweets

One thing my publisher asked me to do was set up a Twitter account and start sending Tweets out to the world. I am still learning how to use Twitter but I have quickly learned that the Tweets are amazing, fun, informative 140 word tidbits about life. Here are some that I hope will make you smile.

Auther of The Kindling, Braden Bell‏@bradenbellcom One good thing about spring break: I can wear socks that don't match.

My son: My friend on my upcoming date: "Oh man, don't take her anywhere fancy. Buy her a pez dispenser and call it a wrap.

Author of The Lost Curse, T. Lynn Adams@TLynnAdams: Wrote today for my job, on my book Lair of the Serpent, emails, texts on Twitter. There's a reason I don't keep a computer by my bed!

Author of The Kindling, Braden Bell‏@bradenbellcom : Somehow this new tie was manufactured to be either too short or too long. No medium ground. Kind of amazing, really.

Author of The Reluctant Blogger, Ryan Rapier‏@RyanRapier: In 4 hours...Vegas Baby!!! Oh, wait. I'm a Mormon. Dang It!

My Son: Dude. You just followed my Mom on Twitter......
(Yeah, I can just imagine my son's expression on that one!)

Author of Lair of the Serpent, T. Lynn Adams@TLynnAdams:I have the flu. Thought I'd stay on the couch and write. I'm on the couch but, counting this tweet, I've composed 137 characters all day.

Author of The Maze Runner (soon to be a major motion picture), James Dashner @jamesdasner: My son just googled how to cook a hot dog in the microwave. I'm at a loss for words

Author of The Kindling, Braden Bell‏@bradenbellcom: So, I got an illness that causes arthritis, headache, fever, and weight loss. I got 3 of those 4 symptoms. Guess which I didn't get.

Just someone who's tweet I found:If u are thinking of posting an inspirational tweet, don't, you're not Churchill, you're Pete, and u work in sales.

As you can see, I like to smile and I hope you did, too. But Tweets are also a great way to get fast information from your favorite authors. That's how I know the casting choices for The Maze Runner movie. That's how I know which authors are working on sequels, when new books are being released, where I can read reviews about the books and even order them. I can join a chat with James Dashner or Melissa Lemon.

Go to Twitter and set up a free account, follow me and your favorite authors to start your audience going, and have some fun!

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