Friday, April 19, 2013

Music and Writing

I can't write a single musical note and the only note I can find on a piano is middle C, but I love music and tell people that music is the most inspiring form of writing in the world! There is something magical and mathematical and technical and spiritual about great music.

Yet, I don't listen to music when I write. I thought it was always distracting. Maybe I need to rethink that.

Normally when I write I prefer television, no music and no kids. (As the mother of six children that means I don't write very often!)

Yes, there are times when music will put me in the mood to write. On those days I listen to a song or two, get my inspiration and then shut off the music and move to the keyboard.

But maybe listening to inspiring music while I am writing might be allowed. Melissa Lemon, who wrote Blue Sky, said music from Micheal Buble inspired her to write a scene in her book where Lewis and Sunny are apart.

And in his book, A Thousand Suns, author Jim Haberkorn was inspired while listening to the theme to Inception to write the powerful scene in his book where Yohaba is walking calmly through a sea of Russian agents toward just one...Boris. (I have actually gone back and listened to both of those songs while rereading the very scenes they inspired. That was an interesting experience and I would recommend it to the fans of those books. It confirmed to me the powerful emotions I had already felt and they were so able to capture in those scenes.)

If you want to learn more about Blue Sky or A Thousand Suns, check out my reviews of both of these books by clicking on their book covers to the right. Then follow my reviews back to the author's web site for some additional great reading.

And next time you hear a song that makes you stop and think about one of the characters you are writing about, turn up the music and get to work.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Take a FREE tour of The Lost Curse!

Most readers don't know that the places in my book are very real, so are the legends and many of the details.

I have provided a tour of "The Lost Curse". It goes in chronological order. Just click on the photo and read a brief excerpt from the book. It's all there...the turtle, the heart on the mountain, the Death Light...

Enjoy your free trip

Real Locations for The Lost Curse

Monday, April 15, 2013

It has gone to press!

Here is the final cover. It went to press last week. I love the graphics, the design, the layout, the artwork and font choice. Everything about it is outstanding. I also love the endorsement from Kevin Buxbaum on the front cover? Check it out!

For those who can't read the tiny print, the endorsement on the front cover reads: "A young adult series destined to become Hollywood's next major motion picture trilogy. A must read." Kevin Buxbaum, Associate Producer, Life of Pi

Here, too, is the copy that they selected to put on the back of the book, starting with an excerpt from the book…

“The shock of the assault caught the men off guard, and they struggled to control the American. They wrestled him to the ground, pinning him there, holding him fast, as Sang stood up from the ground. Cursing in Khmer, Sang pointed the gun at Jonathon’s head and, without hesitating, pulled the trigger.”

Jonathon can’t wait to surprise Deliah for her birthday. With a little help from Deliah’s brother, Severino, he plans to visit her in Cambodia where she’s working as a humanitarian volunteer. But Jonathon arrives only to find a panicked Severino—
and no Deliah.

Jonathon and Severino are determined to find Deliah before it’s too late—but it might not be that easy. Now, with the orphan Chey and their friend Juan, Jonathon and Severino must fight their way through human trafficking rings, a dense jungle, and a radical group bent on using Deliah as a human sacrifice in order to find the Nāga Mani, a sacred and powerful stone.

Lair of the Serpent seamlessly blends intense action and suspense with family loyalty and tender romance. The rich setting and colorful characters will ignite your imagination, while the twisting plot and elements of fantasy will satisfy every adventurer’s thirst for exotic quests.

“Lair of the Serpent is full of adventure, memorable characters, and enough suspense to keep you at the edge of your seat.” Heather Ostler, author of The Shapeshifter’s Secret

The book can be preordered through online. It will be released in June!