Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today is the day!

is officially released today!

And so far early readers have been giving it a solid five-star rating!

Don't forget to hit the web sites stirring up excitement for my newest book in my Blog Hop. Some of them are posting reviews, others are posting blurbs or excerpts from the book, still others are posting interviews with me. All of them are participating in the give-away for my entire Tombs of Terror series in either e-book or paperback. Find out more about the Blog Hop and participating web sites here June Blog Hop for Lair of the Serpent

Also, in the middle of all of this, author Steve Westover asked me to read his newest YA book and write a blurb for it's cover. That is always fun to be contacted by another author. Now I am reading a book that will be going to the printer next month. Talk about getting a real sneak peek! I am actually reading a book only a few eyes have seen so far! Here's his web site. Steve Westover

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