Friday, July 5, 2013

A Thousand Suns-a review

A Thousand Suns

by Jim Haberkorn
I have a new favorite author of intrigue and suspense…Jim Haberkorn! I just devoured his newest book, A Thousand Suns and wanted to read more.

I love books and Haberkorn’s writing has garnered him a permanent spot on my bookshelf. I want his book always visible, always waiting for me to pull it out again and get lost in its exciting pages. Move over Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, and Tom Cain. Haberkorn writes just as fast and keeps my interest tied just as tight without the crudeness, language, sex or graphic details.

Like a correctly delivered roundhouse, Haberkorn packs power in his style. The writing is intelligent, crisp and rapid. It flows over the page with no wasted words.

Rulon Hurt is a tough, no-nonsense cowboy whose earlier encounters in Europe garnered him some powerful international enemies. It also got him a wife.

Yohaba is a brilliant, playful partner who can get her husband into trouble as easily as she can pull him out of it. She can also assemble and shoot a gun better than most wives can clean and dress a turkey. (Gotta love that in a wife. Never know when it will come in handy.) With the aid of a lethal Russian who has more than one secret to hide, Yohaba takes the battle for Rulon’s life across the world.

The plot twists are as tightly coiled as the barbed wire on Rulon Hurt’s Idaho property. The facts are woven seamlessly into the plot and show a great deal of research and personal knowledge on Haberkorn’s part. (I love it when an author is that dedicated to getting things right.) The Rulon Hurt series is set in modern times with plenty of action and suspense, thrills and footwork…all of it racing over shadows of fact.

And I have to say I have never crossed paths with an author who can write about duct tape in quite the way Haberkorn can! What he has Boris do with duct tape is one of my favorite scenes of the book. I had a smile as big as the Russian all the way through that part and chuckled later in the church when the Russian makes a comment about it. Absolutely perfect dialogue in my opinion!

I started to read A Thousand Suns one night just before dinner. Somehow I managed to get in a few chapters while burning (oops) cooking the chicken and doing the dishes. Then, for the next few days, every time I got a chance between my own job as a writer and the never ending pile of laundry, I hungrily swallowed a chapter or two.

His first book, Einstein’s Trunk, is coming to join A Thousand Suns on my bookshelf. I want to know just how Rulon and Yohaba mix it up in the first story--and I have to find out more about this dangerous and mysterious Elsa that’s making the rounds. (A quick search on the internet tells me Elsa is very real…another one of those intriguing facts Haberkorn has masterfully woven into fiction.)

Here’s a great interview with Haberkorn that explains things like Yohaba’s name, how music influenced one of my favorite scenes in the book (and his), and other thoughts on writing. Getting to know Jim Haberkorn

(If you want to have fun, go back and read that scene while listening to the music that inspired it. I did and, yeah, it fits.)

You can order a copy of Jim Haberkorn's book here. A Thousand Suns

Trust me, his books are like rolls of duct'll want more than one!

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