Monday, July 8, 2013

Blue Sky--an excerpt

Blue Sky
by Melissa Lemon

Sunny pulled out a deck of cards and began shuffling them.

“Do you have a good poker face?” she asked.


“Will you teach me?”

“To play poker?” He obviously thought she must be joking.

Sunny nodded. Was this a good idea? Why did she feel like she had to take his side now? Her dad had always said that when two teams were bad it was okay not to choose a side. You could just sit back and watch the game and hope that they both lost somehow. You could forget about the score and just revel in every mistake, injury, and bad call made by the officials.

Lewis stared at her for several moments, but then he sat down across from her. “What are the stakes?”

“Let’s see…” Sunny began, putting her index finger at the side of her mouth. “If you win, I’ll make you breakfast.”

He seemed to like that. But then he became somber. “And if you win?” he asked.

“If I win, I get one request.”

“And what is it that you’ll be requesting?” he said with suspicion, perhaps even hopelessness. He trusted her as much as she trusted him. Nice.

“That’s part of the risk. I won’t tell you until after the game is over.”

He thought only briefly. “I’m in,” he said. “We’ll play Five Card Draw.”

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