Thursday, August 15, 2013

A visit with author Cindy Bennett

I recently was able to ask author Cindy Bennett some questions and here are some of her answers...

Tell us about your latest books.

I recently released two books, Whispers of Razari and The Experiment. Both were collaborations with other authors. Whispers of Razari I co-wrote with Jeffery Moore, a singular story that we both wrote entirely together. The Experiment I wrote with Jeffery as well as Sherry Gammon. That one was a little different because we each took a character, and then wrote each chapter first person from our characters POV, alternating between them, though it is also a singular story. It was a lot of fun to write a book that way, to see what the next person would bring to the story, and how it would affect the storyline.

When working with other authors on collaborations like that, you have to be willing to be very flexible. You have to accept that the other author/s have their own thoughts and ideas, and their own creativity. You might have an idea of where the story is going, and then someone changes it, and you have to accept that and go with the flow, so to speak, rather than trying to pull it back to your idea of how it should be. You need to be open to discussion about the story, and listen to the other author/s. Sometimes you might feel strongly enough to fight for an idea, but you have to pick your battles. In both of these cases for me it was an easy process without any bickering or hurt feelings. We all managed to agree fairly easily on a variety of things.

What are the differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing?

I’m a “hybrid” author, meaning I’ve been both traditional and self-published. The authors I worked with are self-published so we didn’t even question that was how we wanted to publish these two books. For me, I like the control you retain with self-publishing, but you have to understand that it means not more work but different work than traditional publishing. That includes cover, formatting, and editing, all things done for you with a traditional publisher. But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, and willing to pay someone to do the things you can’t do for yourself, you not only have higher earnings on your sales, but you can also retain complete creative control. There’s something very satisfying in that.

Whispers of Razari
When sixteen year old Olivia Adams wakes from a horrible car accident that killed her parents, she knows she’s something different. Olivia died, and now the soul inhabiting her body needs to find out who - and what - she is. A glimpse of a world called Razari burning is the only clue to her previous existence—a tragic memory, sparking events that endanger the people helping her.

Jacobi McKenzie has lived in Crescent, Montana for more years than he can remember, even though he's only seventeen. He's been waiting, but for what he isn't sure. Jacobi recognizes Olivia for what she is before she's even aware of it herself and the effect she has on him threatens to expose his true identity--a thing he’s worked hard to conceal.

They come together in an explosion of emotion that neither of them is supposed to feel. As Jacobi fights for Olivia's life, protecting her from those who would use her for their own selfish purposes, together they unravel the mystery surrounding the destruction of their race.

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The Experiment
Time is running out for the Collaborative's oppressive rule of the remote world Senca One. The government attempts to suppress the escalating riots, even while seeking to further their experiments. When their parents are taken, triplets Juliet, Cilla, and Emiah Tripp set out to locate them, and soon discover they are at the center of a hunt to capture them.

Evading the Collaborative across Seneca One’s harsh terrain, they’re confronted with the trials of survival. They also discover something that changes the very core of what they are: they’re morphs. Struggling to adapt to the strange new ability, they question what they really are . . . and why. Are the rumors of experiments done on children true? Did their scientist parents have anything to do with it?

Their quest brings them to the capitol city of Brighton, which is on the verge of revolt. While searching for information about their parents, the Tripps align themselves with the very people fueling the rebellion. They unwittingly spark the revolution they want no part of and discover something more dangerous than they suspected.

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About Cindy Bennett

Bennett is the YA author of several books. She lives in Utah with her husband and two daughters. Both of her sons have married, giving her two more daughters (in-law). She loves gooey cookies, dark chocolate, and cheese popcorn. She hates housework and cooking, and has no plans to become a domestic goddess. She occasionally co-hosts a geek podcast with her son, called Geek Revolution Radio. Her favorite pastime is riding her Harley.
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