Lair of the Serpent

The third book in the exciting Tombs of Terror series has been released. Read an excerpt right here. To read a full chapter, click on the book cover.

There will be human sacrifice but whose life is on the line?

Follow Jonathon and Severino to Cambodia, where they fight to reclaim Severino's sister before she is lost forever to the maze of human trafficking. There, in the thick jungles of western Cambodia, they discover that only the theft of a powerful ancient jewel will free her. Now the pair must enter the world of international artifact theft to save Deliah's life.


Silence settled over the Cambodian and he turned to peer out across the river. For a long moment he stood motionless; then his jaw seemed to work and his mouth moved into a frown. “You need to know the jungle is more vast on ground than it is from the air or on a map.”

“You’ll help us?”

“I didn’t say that. I’m just warning you about the dangers of the jungle.”

The warning did not slow Severino. “I grew up in the mountain jungles of Peru.”

Jonathon added his own qualifications. “And I’ve spent time there myself. The jungle doesn’t scare us.”

“It should. This jungle is different than anything you have ever experienced. It kills people every day and swallows entire civilizations for centuries. It can hide a deadly snake, a stolen girl, or an entire gang. It does not share its secrets.”

Anxious, Severino stepped forward. “We have to try.”

This time Pach’s troubled eyes took in the jungle pressing close. “This group you seek, they are very dangerous.”

Nerves tensed inside of Severino. “Then you have heard of such a group, and they have a girl?”

The exhale came deep and slow before Pach turned back to face the Peruvian. “They are called the Black Snakes and, yes, they have a girl.”

At the first acknowledgement they might be following the right trail, Severino felt his legs buckle. “They have my sister? She is here?”

Now dark eyes met Severino’s gaze. “I do not know who they have, but I have crossed path with the Black Snakes and am one of the few who has escaped their coils alive. It would be best if you both just walked away.” To emphasize his answer, Pach turned and walked back to his shack.

Fury drove Jonathon toward the man, and he grabbed him, pushing him backward. “Who do you think we are? If they have Delia, we can’t walk away no matter who they are! We won’t!”

For several moments Pach studied Jonathon, thoughts moving in silence behind his dark features. When at last he spoke, Pach’s voice and demeanor had changed. “Then I suggest you make arrangements to fly some bodies home.”

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